The city of Caserta is known for its spectacular Royal Palace, built by Charles of Bourbon in the XVIII secolo. The presence of this spectacular and imposing structure, gives the city of Caserta the pseudonym "Versailles of Naples".
The palace has 1200 rooms, all painted and decorated with objects of great value. The exterior is surrounded by an immense and well-kept garden, which is home to variety of colorful plants and flowers that extend along until you reach the waterfall 75 meters high, which is only 3 km away from the Palace.
The Palace is now recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The tour continues on to Naples, a city that offers so much to see, although it is not easy to make a selection of points of interest not to be missed. Naples is a true open-air theater, with its grand architecture and rich, for its castles, historic monuments and churches, for its spacious squares, for its picturesque lanes, for its cuisine, its music and His views of the Gulf and the city.
Do not miss a visit to the Capodimonte Museum and the Archaeological Museum, the latter opened in 1816 which, besides containing findings of the excavations of Pompeii, home to relics of the greek-Roman, Egyptian and Etruscan era. From
Among the monuments of interest, we mention the Veiled Christ one of the most fascinating works that you can see in Naples. It is said that the veil of marble on the body of Christ, is actually a veil fabric, turned into rock by a special liquid invented by the alchemist Prince of San Severo. Many, however, argue that the effect is the result of the talent of Giuseppe Sammartino, the sculptor who created the Veiled Christ.

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