The Campania region boasts many treasures to see, discover and savor. Natural landscapes of rare beauty, Mediterranean scrub, crystal clear waters, forest parks, such as the National Vesuvius.

Fascinating archaeological sites, protected by UNESCO, Herculaneum and Torre Annunziata Pompeii. In Pompeii you can "revive" the daily life of ancient Rome through the streets of a city buried by lava for centuries, but now brought to light in all its charm and beauty.

Pictouresque villages immersed in a rural and pacific scenario will delight the soul and the palates of the local product researchers, enjoying in the meanwhile of stunning landscapes on slopes and hidden paths.

A must do is the visit to the city of Naples with its spectacular old town, a world heritage site recognized by UNESCO, its churches, and its immense artistic heritage in the open, its waterfront, its castles and much more.

Every corner of Campania offers a memorable and unique sensory experience, where past and present come together daily to create new and unexpected moments.

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