Located about 50 kilometers south of Salerno in the plain of the Sele is located Paestum archaeological and landscape features. The tour includes an excursion to the ruins, being one of the most popular archaeological sites in the world. Founded by the Greeks in the late VII century A.C.. It has three magnificent Doric temples: the "Basilica", which is actually a temple dedicated to Hera, the chief deity of the city, the temples of "Neptune", considered among the most Doric temples interesting in the world, and the temples of "Wax." Of great importance is the famous "Tomb of the Diver" preserved in the Archaeological Museum of Paestum.

Approximately an hour's drive from Paestum there is Salerno. It is located, which in the Middle Ages was called the world capital of medicine.
Over the years the city has undergone a process of re-evaluation of the territory becoming a real gem: for the beauty of its waterfront, where you can enjoy a long walk near the sea stemmed from the rocks; for the magnificence of its architecture such as that of the Castle Arechis of the eighth century; for the majesty of its religious monuments such as the Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Angels and St. Matthew's bell tower which houses a valuable historical and artistic testimony to the Arab-Norman style of the period (about XI century).

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