The excursion to discover Positano, Amalfi and Ravello will give you great emotions and memorable moments. Departure is from Sorrento, just a few kilometers away from the three locations.

The first stop in Positano, always recognized as the most romantic and elegant tourist destination on the Amalfi Coast. With its houses perched on the rock, framed by a myriad of flowering bougainvillea, crystal clear sea, with pebble beaches and bathing establishments equipped, its narrow streets, with the characteristic shops of handicrafts. Numerous vantage points from which to admire the view over the sea or the charming village.
For lovers of shooping you can buy souvenirs of local manufacture, such as ceramics Positano, or the famous custom-made sandals and much more.

The tour continues on to Amalfi, one of the oldest maritime republics and the home of the inventor of the compass, Flavio Gioia. Along the way you will pass through Praiano, a small village known for its crib. Once in Amalfi, the first stop "forced" is in the central square, where you will find the charming Cathedral dedicated to the patron saint of the town, Saint Andrew, whose access is preceded by a long and wide stone staircase.
You will be charmed by the spectacular facade of the Cathedral is decorated with a mosaic in the tympanum of the 800.
Of great interest are the visit to Arsenal, where they were built galleys of the fleet, and by sea along the coast that reaches the Emerald Cave.

The continuation of the tour to Ravello, a small town overlooking the sea, characterized by its striking natural landscapes famous throughout the world. Just think of the Villa Rufolo and Villa Cimbrone with their monuments and their gardens full of the most diverse species of plants and flowers. Villa Rufolo is also known for its summer music events, organized in honor of Wagner that this site found the inspiration for the composition of Parsifal.

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